Interesting week of activities

Last week had a very bad start regarding physical activity. Biking to work last Tuesday I was turning a sharp corner, lost my balance (un-clipped the wrong side!) and fell over! Luckily I was not going fast and the injuries I had were a scraped arm and feeling embarrassed! When I got to work I got the wound cleaned up and went about my day. On my way home, about a mile away from my apartment, my tire blew. Not just went flat, but blew out, there was no chance a patch was going to save that tube. So I ended up walking the rest of the way in biking shoes (if you have ever walked in biking shoes you know they are not meant for walking!). I did not have any spare tubes at home, so I had to go to a bike shop and of course there are none on the west side of Evansville. At the bike shop I decided I needed to replace my seven year old shoes, so you can see my new ones below! I just have to say, they should make all shoes with tightening system they have on there for all shoes (especially children’s shoes). I biked again on Friday and did a couple 3-5 mile runs on the other days. My running is starting to feel comfortable again, and I am looking forward to planning to do a race and really see where I am at.


Beautiful Weekend

Since my last post I have been very active. I have done two five mile runs, two three mile runs and some Frisbee golf with a three mile walk. Doing a couple five mile runs is very exciting as it means I am not only in better shape than I thought, but my body might be getting closer to 100%. Unfortunately I was unable to bike to work this past week because the weather and my schedule did not cooperate. I did go Frisbee golfing (see picture below) with my wife on Sunday. It was a beautiful day out and it was good to be able to get out and not be consumed by the heat and humidity. We played at the USI Frisbee golf course, which is a nice wide open course and great for beginners. I think I shot a minus three or four, not bad for not playing in a while. If you have never Frisbee golfed, I highly suggest it.


Labor Day Weekend

Three day weekends are always refreshing, especially when the weather is nice enough to get outside! My wife and I went to John James Audubon State Park in Henderson Kentucky for a hike on Labor Day. We only hiked about five miles, but it is nice to have the park close to Evansville which allows us to get away and into nature for a couple hours. While it was fairly humid, the park was very green and the trail was still wet from the previous evening’s rain. I have always enjoyed the smell of the forest, especially after a rain. We did not see too many people on the trail, as has been the case every time we have gone there. In many ways I am disappointed, because I believe everyone should get out and go hiking more often, but on the other hand, I love the peace and quiet which hiking can provide. So for my own selfish reasons I love not running into many people on the trails. If you have not been, and you live close to the park (only a 10 min. drive from most places in Evansville), you should check it out! Below is a selfie with my wife in the background.


Back at it!

Fall 2014 semester is off and running! I was amazed when I looked back at my blog and it has been almost a year since I posted! This is not to say I did not think about the blog during that time, however, it obviously got neglected. My fitness over the past year has increased significantly. Since being diagnosed with a fracture in my vertebrae September 2013 I biked either outside or inside two to four times a week. Starting around February 2014 I was allowed to start running again. Since then I have been running almost every other day and slowly increasing my mileage. In addition to running every other day (3-4 days per week) I am also going to start biking to work once or twice per week (weather and schedule permitting). This semester some of my students are required to keep a fitness and/or nutrition log, within that log they are required to keep proof by taking selfies accomplishing their goals. In spirit of this, here is a picture I took following a run August 27th 2014 around 5:30pm when it was mid 90’s with a heat index over 100 (as you can tell by how red my face is!).


Since the end of Fitness Walking…

On Saturday my wife and I parked about 1.5 miles from Evansville’s annual Fall Fest, which is, for the most part, a fried food festival. We decided to park far from the festival with the anticipation we would eat some unhealthy food and we would feel less guilty about eating it! We did not end up eating any fried food mostly because we were not impressed with the options and overall atmosphere of the festival.

On Monday and Wednesday this week I did between 45 minutes to 1 hour of biking. On both days I did stationary biking on the stand I have for my road bike. It has been a while since I have used the stand because biking is just more fun outside! I am glad I forced myself to do the stationary biking, if I wasn’t doing this fitness log I probably would have done nothing both days!

Fitness Walking Class Reflection

I biked again on Wednesday to and from USI’s campus and had the final day of the Fitness Walking class on Thursday. For our final day we played Frisbee Golf, of which many if not all of the students had never played before. I believe there were several that enjoyed the activity.

Keeping this blog up was partially due to the fact I was requiring my students to keep a fitness log, therefore I felt it was important I did one as well. While I have never kept a public fitness log before, I did keep track of workouts and mileage I ran when I was a college track athlete and when I ran my marathon. This fitness log is different in many ways because I wasn’t worried about hitting weekly mileage goals or meeting certain times during workouts. I have found this fitness log and holding myself accountable provided motivation to do physical activity on days I may not have otherwise. I certainly understand why people are not physically active; it is easy in our society to not be. Most peoples jobs are sedentary that require minimal walking around the office even to go to the bathroom or break rooms. On top of that roads and parking lots make it horribly convenient to be close to the places you want to go (not to mention all the drive through options for food and drink). Our society is not set up to be physically active. I had a thought on my way into work as I passed a drive through fast food establishment… would there be a positive increase in healthy behaviors if drive through options no longer existed? Would society become healthier by that simple modification?

Many of my students in the Fitness Walking class wrote they liked having a set time twice a week to walk (I enjoyed it as well!). Several reasons mentioned were they enjoyed the social aspect (making friends!) but also, once they got into the routine of walking twice a week they enjoyed doing the physical activities. I really do hope this class and requiring my students to keep track of their fitness activities this past 8 weeks made and continues to make a positive impact on their lives. I hope my students continue to work towards their fitness/wellness goals of losing weight, feeling energized, and an increased quality of life that can be achieved through physical activity. I will continue to keep up my fitness log because like I stated above, this has become a source of motivation that I needed to be physically active.

Fitness walking class is ending

Over the weekend the weather was fairly horrible, lots of rain and wind. I was hoping to go biking before the rain started Saturday, however, it was already raining when I got up at 7am. On Sunday I did curl-ups, push-ups, and lunges. It has always surprised me how sore lunges can make you no matter your fitness level. It just goes to show that you do not need any fancy workout equipment to work your muscles. On Monday I biked to work and back, it was high 40’s/low 50’s when I started in the morning and I can tell my body is not used to the cold air! The rides went well, and I my body is getting in much better biking shape. I am not looking forward to the day the winter weather starts and I will be unable to bike to work anymore. Today I went walking with my fitness walking class, I forgot my shorts at home… so I walked with my work clothes on. Luckily it was a fairly cool day!